Ridgefield’s Main Street Voted One Of The Best In The USA…Again!

With big-box stores, megamalls, and online sellers dominating the retail landscape, the pleasure of shopping at mom-and-pop stores in a quaint, small-town Main Street shopping district is getting harder to find. But every state has a few such homespun settings left. Ridgefield was voted number 8 on the list of the best downtown shopping districts in the country — each in a town with a population of fewer than 90,000 residents.

In an article dated Nov. 11, 2017, Andrew Lisa, writes, “The colonial town of Ridgefield is only an hour’s drive from New York City, but visitors will feel far removed strolling through the cozy, 300-year-old town tucked away in the foothills of the Berkshire Mountains. Main Street and Danbury Road are adorned with shops and boutiques, as well as an art museum, an agricultural historical center, a theater, and a playhouse.”

Not bad considering how many Main Street’s there are in America! If you haven’t already, remember to Shop Local and support our fabulous resident owned-and-run businesses. You are guaranteed to find what you’re looking for.

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