Annual RVNA Breakfast Auction

It was an early morning celebration at the Annual Ridgefield Visiting Nurse Association Spring Breakfast this morning at The Amber Colonade in Danbury. The breakfast served to bring people together to support a cause bigger than themselves, while providing some light-hearted ribbing as pillars of the community delivered coffee and juice to their friends and neighbors. But above all, the event served to raise critical funds for the organization. After some moving speeches and rowdy auctioneering, the morning adjourned at around 9:30am and was a resounding success!

In today’s healthcare, it is becoming increasingly apparent that home care services, and preventative and rehabilitative services, are of the utmost importance. Few us can say we don’t know of someone affected by a long (or short) term disability requiring rehab. Founded in 1914, the RVNA is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to providing exceptional home and community health services, and supporting public health and safety. Last year RVNA provided 36,802 home care visits, 3574 vaccines, 136 free rides for seniors or those requiring transportation, and put in over 4667 volunteer hours. In addition, the organization offered rehabilitation services, paraprofessional care, medical alert services, care solutions, community health services, travel clinics for those headed abroad, pediatric services, and public health and safety solutions to those most in need.

I wholeheartedly support their wonderful work and I hope you will too. To find out more about the organization, visit the RVNA website.