staging your home

Get It Sold: Quick Tips For Home Staging

So, you want to sell your home quickly? Then you’d better get staging. One of the most important parts of getting your home ready for the market is making it look like it just stepped out of the pages of a Pottery Barn catalogue. Stop looking at your home through your sentimental eyes and start thinking like a buyer. Would you want to see a picture wall full of kids you don’t know, or a fresh coat of neutral paint that allows you to imagine what a great picture wall you could hang in that space? Here are some quick ways you can spruce up each of the most important rooms in your home and make buyers say “how much?”

Overall – one of the most common problems we encounter is that there is simply too much ‘stuff’ in the home. In general, we recommend moving excess seating, toys, clothing, tables, and personal items to the garage or basement.

Bathroom – it needs to be spotless. Ensure that towels are crisp white and that you clear all of your everyday bathroom necessities off the countertops. Beautify the room with coordinating candles, soaps and flowers.

Bedrooms – whether it’s the master bedroom or the kid’s rooms, the bedding needs to always look freshly laundered. Invest in puffy, decorative pillows and place them on the bed over an inviting comforter. Remove nightstand paraphernalia, and organize and declutter closets.

Kitchen, breakfast areas, and the dining room table – remove everything from the countertops except for a couple of stylish items. Set the table and breakfast areas in an inviting way by laying centerpieces, candles, napkins, place settings and stemware.

Living room – when it really comes down to it, minimalism is the way to go. A couch, coffee table and beautiful floors are enough in most homes. If you have a very large room, an additional couch or loveseat, end tables, and a rug may be in order. If you have a wall unit, mantle or built-ins, make sure to treat each shelf as its own showpiece.

To find out more about how staging affects the perceived value and emotional impact of your home, contact me.