Ridgefield May Real Estate Market Report

As we began Phase 1 of our reopening here in CT, we were able to lift a number of restrictions, which had made it quite challenging to service Real Estate. We are now able to engage photographers and videographers, stagers and marketing specialists to reopen the market and increase inventory. We have changed the way we do things, and making sure everyone is safe is our top priority.

With that being said, the real estate market in Ridgefield is definitely beginning to open up. We are experiencing more foot traffic in terms of buyer tours. There have been some multiple offers qisutaions, but we have not yet seen an appreciable rise in prices We have seen a number of homes take deposits and there is strong interest from both local and out of state buyers. We can feel the momentum increasing as the “spring” market gets into full swing.

Personally, we want to thank all our buyers and sellers who weathered this storm with us, and rest assured we are doing all we can to ensure a safe and smooth transaction for you.