Giving Thanks

It is with truly heartfelt thanks that we enter this Holiday Season. For many it will be very different from the festivities of years’ past.

Gatherings will be smaller, and family and friends will be “zoomed” in from all corners of the globe. We humans have proved we are nothing if not resilient during these unprecedented times!

Enjoy the calmness that this year will bring, with time to look back on the people in our lives who enrich us every day. Start new traditions and reach out virtually to that person you’ve been meaning to reconnect with, but are always too busy to sit down with.

And even more importantly, remember those who are far less fortunate than ourselves – those who have suffered job loss and furloughs. Celebrate the remarkable health care providers who have been on the front lines during this pandemic and continue to risk so much. Give where you can and celebrate the joy that comes from it.

If nothing else, 2020 has proved that our homes are truly our safe haven. We are honored to have assisted so many buyers and sellers this year as they begin their next chapter.

Although this Thanksgiving may look different, the spirit is the same – give thanks and enjoy one another!