Fairfield County Schools Produce High Marks and High Prices

The old adage that says “education is the best investment” may not only be true about investing in learning. Realtor.com’s recent survey shows that parents are willing to pay a sharp premium to be in towns with great schools, which is great news for homeowners in Fairfield County.

According to the survey, 63 percent would go without a pool or spa, 50 percent would give up accessible shopping, and about 40 percent would be willing to give up an extra room or nearby trails and parks. A full 90 percent of home buyers ranked school boundaries as a top concern when purchasing a house. While housing values are still down, but quickly rising, it means that moving to a town with great schools is not only good for your kids, but it might also be great for your finances when the time comes to sell.

Fairfield County, beyond its rustic charm and convenient location, is home to some of the best schools in the country. Ridgefield High School was ranked #4 among Connecticut high schools, just behind the other Fairfield County towns of Darien and Weston. Ninety-nine percent of seniors graduate each year – a sterling record by any standard – and 91% of its 2013 graduating class went on to 4-year colleges, among them the Princeton, Dartmouth, Cornell, Columbia, the University of Chicago, and MIT. The entire Ridgefield Public School system is ranked top 10 in Connecticut. Between the beautiful town, plentiful parks, and educational excellence, Ridgefield emerges as an optimal place to own a home.

As the world becomes more connected, education has become an invaluable commodity. As such, places like Fairfield County, whose schools are truly among their greatest assets, are sure to rise in value. Ridgefield and the surrounding towns have a long history of producing excellent students and providing an ideal environment for young minds.

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