Ridgefield Real Estate Report: 2023 in Review

May the New Year bring Peace, Good Health, much Happiness, and Prosperity to All. There are so many sound bites about the state of the Real Estate Market. It is important to remember that Real Estate is hyper-local. Each region, state, county, and town has its own nuances. Whether buying or selling, it is important to be in the know on your local market. We have included a link to the Ridgefield 2023 Year in Review Report. It is a comprehensive interpretation of how Ridgefield performed in 2023. Always available to chat about… what is next.

In 2023, the sale of single family homes maintained strength despite a notable decrease in home sales due to lack of inventory. The number of sales dropped by 24%. 366 unit sales in 2022 vs 277 unit sales in 2023. However, the average sales price increased by 20% or $1,183,049 vs. $984,948 in 2022. Median sales price increased by 18%. Engaging a local expert is crucial, providing unparalleled insights into local trends, property values and neighborhood dynamics.

Click here to see the full market report.