Murtaugh Minute: What’s Happening with the Spring Market?

Q: When does the spring market begin, and how strong do you think it will be?

A: All signals point to a strong Spring Market.  With interest rates on the downward trend and prices holding  – sellers have started to explore their options relative to their next move. Our team recently met with top realtors at a Compass Tri-State two-day meeting…all of our conversations there were very encouraging.

There are a good number of strong qualified buyers in the market waiting for inventory. Many lenders are getting creative on best loan options considering rates are dropping which is giving buyers confidence.

The Spring Market opens up beginning in February  and continues through May. Some homes really can’t close until June or July because of the school schedule and families wanting to close out the school year in their current schools, which we understand. Considering the market is so fluid we should have a strong late Spring/Early Summer market as well since incoming buyers want to move in before school starts.


Q: What are some of the biggest concerns going into the spring market?

A: A lot of people are asking us, “how do I list my home for sale when I haven’t found anywhere to move yet?” Sometimes that’s the biggest question and concern on people’s minds, and it’s understandable. There are a number of approaches we can take to accommodate a certain longer lead time or the schedule that is best for your unique situation. There are a lot of moving parts. It’s getting a little trickier because of lack of inventory on both sides. The timing of an election year also has an influence on the market, and world events can play into consumer confidence.

This is where a seasoned agent’s experience really comes into play. We can navigate all of the moving pieces for you, especially if you haven’t bought or sold in a few years and aren’t as familiar with all of the steps of the transaction. We have been doing this for decades and specialize in creative solutions for our clients.