Ridgefield Has One Of The Best Main Streets In America

According to Top Value Reviews, Ridgefield Connecticut has one of the Best Small Town Main Streets in the USA. Anyone who lives or has visited us here knows this is absolutely true – from the Holiday Stroll coming up this Friday, December 4th to our Halloween trick-or-treating and our Memorial Day celebrations, Main Street is a place where we all gather to celebrate our fabulous town.

Top Value Reviews ranked Ridgefield #21 out of the top 50 small town Main Streets in America. Noting that there is something characteristically American about the idea of Main Street, the website says that whether a place for the locals to hang out, or the go-to destination of visitors to town, Main Street is oftentimes the heart and soul of a city or town.

Each town on the list has fewer than 60,000 residents (according to the 2010 census) and at least one notable attraction. The towns were chosen and ranked based upon the following.

~ Inclusion on a major register, such as the National Register of Historic Places, National Parks, National Historic Landmarks, etc. (1 point per list)
~ Category of downtown attractions (restaurants, wineries, antique stores, art galleries, etc.). (1 point per notable category)
~ Notable and historic places (1 point each)
~ A national ranking of some kind (1 point each)

We already know our Main Street is the place to be. It’s nice to see that others will now see our world-class town for what it is – a vibrant community of philanthropic individuals who value historical significance, yet embrace change and development. You only have to look at the Keeler Tavern, The Prospector Movie Theatre, the new library, The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, the small business owners and the 5-star restaurants, to see how unique our little piece of home is.

Congratulations, Ridgefield – let’s celebrate! I’ll see you at The Holiday Stroll!