A Look Inside the Fall Market

Q: Do we have a fall real estate market in Ridgefield, or is it really just spring and summer? 

A: Such a great question! I just wanted to take a quick moment to check in about what’s happening with the real estate market now that fall is officially here. We’re starting to see more inventory come on which I think makes many buyers feel much more confident about the market in regards to hopefully landing a new home this fall. I want to remind everyone here in Ridgefield and throughout Fairfield County that we have such a stunning fall season. Some people don’t realize this but we do have a true fall market so we’re all very optimistic and at the same time, things remain fluid despite interest rates. 


Q: A lot of people have been noticing there aren’t nearly as many homes on the market as there have been at certain other times in the past. Is that true?

A: We just need more inventory, that’s really what it’s about. Like I said, we do have more homes coming on which is great. Fall is a good time to sell a home, taking advantage of the natural beauty and fall foliage this time of year. If anyone has any questions about what you need to know to list your home this fall or how to get the best price for your home, please reach out to chat today. I’d love to discuss your options! For twenty years, my mission has been to provide a superior experience for our clients both through the utilization of our team’s knowledge and skills and by adhering to the highest standard of integrity. If you need help getting your home ready to list, we have connections to so many great home organizers and stagers that can help you work with your own furnishings to make your home look its best.