Marketing Your Home

Seller’s Guide

Every Home Has A Story

No matter your price point, at Karla Murtaugh Homes we immediately get to work designing a custom marketing plan tailored to the unique nature of your property. Every home has something that makes it special. We work diligently to create messaging that resonates with buyers.

Why Work With Us?

Simply put – we get your home in front of more people than any other realtor. Our multifaceted approach includes advertising in print media, on electronic media, through direct mail, and with public and broker relations. Our team expertly coordinates all aspects of the marketing program providing high-end architectural & drone property photography, professionally written property descriptions, advertising copy, staging, listing support and so much more. Your home will never look better!

The Age Of Technology

Being online is absolutely key to representing your home properly in today’s tech-savvy world. Partnering with Karla Murtaugh Homes ensures your property will be found when and where potential buyers are looking. Exclusive listing agreements with New York Times online, Wall Street Journal online, and Zillow, among others, as well as Google search ads, online video channels, social media engagement and more means buyers have the widest chance of finding your property no matter what online channels they use.

Local Realtor…Global Reach

Our partnership with COMPASS means that not only can we reach our local and regional audiences, but we can reach national buyers as well. The COMPASS  website, extensive social media presence, ‘Curated’ luxury print publication and national print advertising, allows your home to be seen in more places and by more people.