sellers closing costs
When selling a property it’s important to take into account the closing costs you will be responsible for. Any Broker commissions and mortgage payoff statements, transfer taxes, as well as costs that may arise due to the Repair Requests associated with the inspection of the home, should be considered. Your Realtor or Real Estate Attorney should be able to give you a fairly accurate estimate of your total closing costs at the time you sign the Exclusive Right To Sell contract.

Costs When Selling a Property

Attorney Fees: $1500 +/-
Local Conveyance Tax: 0.25% (Ridgefield, varies from town to town)
Mortgage Payoff: Payoff balance plus any subsequent fees
Property Taxes: Any outstanding balances
Realtor Commissions: Total real estate commissions vary. Generally, negotiated commissions range from 4-6%
State Conveyance Tax: 0.75% of Sales Price up to $800,000 + 1.25% of Sales Price above $800,000

*NOTE: The estimates provided are intended as a guide only. Karla Murtaugh makes no guarantee as to the accuracy of the numbers provided. Please consult your attorney and individual service providers for an accurate quote.